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From the Church Library:

Food Fight: Struggling for Justice in a Hungry World  by Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey

 “Hunger is ubiquitous.  It afflicts those in noisy, crowded cities and quiet, forgotten villages.  It hides in plain sight.  It does its work quietly and insidiously; it gnaws and burrows into the lives of the poor in New Mexico and into the lives of the poor in Indonesia.  It harms the lives of those who toil at kilns in rural Pakistan and of those who work in the shadow of Wall Street “  from preface

The authors’ previous books are Where Mercy Fails: Darfur’s Struggle to Surviveand Rubble Nation: Haiti’s Pain, Haiti’s Promise in which Chris Herlinger and Rev Paul Jeffrey bring humanitarian and international issues into a clear picture.  Both of these books are in our church library.

Rev. Paul Jeffrey is a photojournalist for The United Methodist Church.  He lived in Latin America for two decades and blogs at His pictures in the book Food Fight will touch your heart.

Chris Herlinger’s work for humanitarian groups is published in Episcopal Relief and Development, Christian Century, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, and many others. He worked as the senior writer for Church World Service.

If you have any concern for the hungry, you will find this book both disturbing and hopeful.  We can make a difference.

UMW READING PROGRAM:  Remember the reading year ends on July 31st.   Check to be sure you have read a book in each category and that your recipe card lists the books that you have read this year.  You have two months to complete your contract.   The new year starts on August 1st. Thank you for reading!

Pat Vore

Library volunteer

Elevator Use Safety Policy

First United Methodist Church, Washington

 The elevator in the New Education Building is a fully automatic personnel, (i.e., non-freight) elevator. Children under the age of twelve (12) years will be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or more). Do not be surprised by the SLOW speed of the elevator. It is designed for handicapped or people who otherwise have difficulty with climbing stairs. The elevator capacity is eight (8) people.

Due to a fatal elevator accident at Ohio State University in October 2006 and a close call at the University of Arkansas in the recent past, FUMCW is initiating an Elevator Safety Policy.

Elevator accidents can be prevented if passengers will follow these basic elevator safety rules.

Rule No. 1: Don’t overload an elevator.

Both serious accidents at the University of Arkansas and Ohio State were the result of overloading elevator cars.

The weight load of each elevator is clearly posted inside the cab. Elevators should never be overloaded. Congregation, staff and users should always be aware of potential overloading. They should step out if they find themselves in a tightly packed elevator.

Rule No. 2: Don’t try to leave a moving elevator.

In both of the serious accidents mentioned above, a individual attempted to get out of the elevator while it was moving slowly downward.

Rule No. 3: Don’t try to force elevator doors open.

Attempting to force the elevator doors to open can cause injury. This was another factor in both of the recent accidents.

Rule No. 4: In an emergency, call for help.

Every elevator is equipped with an emergency phone. If you find yourself stranded in the elevator, use that phone to call for help. The elevator emergency phone is answered by an elevator monitoring company dispatcher who will immediately dispatch assistance. Follow only the instructions from elevator dispatch personnel or fireman in an emergency situation. Never try to climb out of a stranded elevator.

Rule No. 5: In case of fire, do not use an elevator.

A fire alarm will disconnect power from the elevator.

Rule No. 6: Watch your step getting on and off an elevator.

Make sure the elevator car is level with the floor. The most common elevator related injuries are caused by tripping when entering or leaving an elevator or being hit by closing doors.

Rule No. 7: Don’t interfere with opening or closing doors.

If the doors are closing, let them. Never reach your hand out to stop a closing door.

To avoid damage to the elevator interior, materials and cargo will not be transported without approval by the Facility Manager.




 If you are planning to hold an event (committee meeting, dinner, luncheon, workshop, rehearsal, etc.), please make sure you contact Charlie Moore at (703) 859-6175 or to reserve space on the church calendar.  The earlier you plan, the fewer conflicts will arise.  This applies to ongoing or annual meetings/events as well as one-time meetings/events.

In order to be on the newsletter calendar, Charlie must receive your request by the 2nd Monday of the preceding month.  (For example, to be on the October newsletter calendar, reservations must be made by September 14.)  This will help all parties secure the space they need and avoid conflicts.  Thanks!